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Subject: Gift Certificate from Uncle George.
Space Images Order #3257
To: Al Neuman
From: "SpaceImages.com"

You have just received a gift certificate from Uncle George.
You can use it to make purchases at SpaceImages.com

Message from Uncle George:
"Merry Christmas, Al ... take your pic!"
Amount: $50.00

We recommend that you keep this code in a safe place. You will need this code to redeem your gift certificate online. Remember anyone can use this code, so you should treat it like cash.

To use your gift certificate at SpaceImages.com, visit http://www.SpaceImages.com/ and add items you want to buy to your shopping cart. At checkout time, simply enter your gift certificate code in the "Coupon or Promotional Code" box provided on the "Payment" page. Make sure that you enter the complete code, starting with the "@" sign.

If you receive more than one gift certificate for SpaceImages.com, you can enter all the codes separated by commas. If the amount of the gift certificate covers the cost of your order, you don't need to enter your credit card information. However, if the gift certificate amount doesn't cover your entire order, you will be required to pay the remaining balance by credit card. If your purchase is less than the amount of your Gift Certificate, then the remaining balance may be used during another visit to SpaceImages.com. There is no expiration date.

For more information about using gift certificates at SpaceImages.com, please visit the help page at: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/store/store-21.html.

Happy Shopping!

Ron Weber, Space Images
2934 Abercorn Dr, San Antonio TX 78247
WebStore: http://www.SpaceImages.com/

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