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A field of wild flowers greets Atlantis as it touches down on runway 33 at KSC, the drag chute just deployed.

The landing completes the 10-day, 19-hour, 4.5-million mile mission STS-110 to the International Space Station. In the upper right corner is the chase plane following Atlantis' path.

The orbiter carries the returning crew Commander Michael Bloomfield, Pilot Stephen Frick and Mission Specialists Jerry Ross, Steven Smith, Ellen Ochoa, Lee Morin and Rex Walheim. Main gear touchdown was 12:26:57 p.m. EDT, nose gear touchdown was 12:27:09 p.m. and wheel stop was 12:28:07 p.m.

The crew delivered and installed the S0 truss, which will support cooling and power systems essential for the addition of future international laboratories, on the Station.

Date: April 19, 2002
Photo Credit: NASA

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