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At NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the crawler-transporter delivers space shuttle Discovery atop the mobile launcher platform onto Launch Pad 39A. Traveling from the Vehicle Assembly Building, the shuttle took nearly 12 hours on the journey as technicians stopped several times to clear mud from the crawler's treads and bearings caused by the waterlogged crawlerway. First motion out of the VAB was at 2:07 a.m. EDT Aug. 4. Rollout was delayed approximately 2 hours due to lightning in the area.

In the background is the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. At left is the White Room at the end of the orbiter access arm. When in place against shuttle, the White Room provides entry into the cockpit.

Discovery's 13-day flight will deliver a new crew member and 33,000 pounds of equipment to the International Space Station. The equipment includes science and storage racks, a freezer to store research samples, a new sleeping compartment and the COLBERT treadmill. Launch of Discovery on its STS-128 mission is targeted for late August.

Date: August 4, 2009
Photo credit: NASA/Troy Cryder

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